Home renovation plans approved thanks to appeal win

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Home renovation plans approved thanks to appeal win

The owners of a semi-detached house in Caversham, Reading are now able to build a two-storey side extension to their home thanks to an appeal made by ET Planning on behalf of the client.

The original planning application had been refused by Reading Borough Council earlier this year due to two issues; the character and appearance of the designs in relation to the surrounding area, and the living conditions of the occupiers of the neighbouring property, by way of outlook and light.

ET Planning, together with the property owners and Space Office Architects, sought pre-application advice from the Council and subsequently adjusted plans which would reduce the scale of the development. However, the Council maintained their objection and refused the second planning application also.

ET Planning keenly noted in the appeal case a number of factors which demonstrated that the proposed development should be approved. To start with ET Planning described how the development would be in keeping with the characteristics of the cul-de-sac; referencing that a number of the surrounding properties have previously been extended, including one house which has a larger side extension than the proposed development. An assessment of the relationship to the neighbouring property was also made, including noting that the nearest window to the development was a secondary side window serving a kitchen, and not a primary window or source of outlook for the neighbour. It was further pointed out the Council behaved inconsistently; having not objected to this point at pre-application stage, but only later in the full application.

After reviewing the appeal, the Planning Inspector agreed with each of the arguments presented and allowed the development.

ET Planning have extensive appeal experience. Please contact us if you have been refused planning permission and wish to consider an appeal.

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