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Site Appraisal Services

Prior to making the commitment to prepare and submit a planning application we recommend our Planning Appraisal service. These Appraisals are designed to cater both for members of the public with no previous exposure to Planning as well as experienced developers.

Our Appraisals can give advice on a range of matters, from specific development proposals to requests for general development opportunity on a site. We do not require plans or drawings to be prepared prior to undertaking this service. Our Planning Appraisals also confirm for certain developments whether a scheme would constitute permitted development or require a full planning application submission.

Our Planning Appraisals are offered in one of the following of three levels of detail:

  • In-Principle Appraisal – the most basic form of Appraisal, which assesses the acceptability of whether the principle and location of the proposal is likely to achieve planning permission, without going into detailed considerations such as parking or design requirements. This can also be used to confirm if a proposal would be permitted development (including subject to the prior approval process).
  • Headline Feasibility Appraisal – in addition to reviewing the in-principle acceptability of development, this Appraisal service covers broad issues at a headline level which would be most important in consideration of your specific proposal, such as for example transport, flooding and ecological matters.
  • Detailed Planning Appraisal – this service expands on the above by providing an assessment over all relevant planning constraints, not just those most critical to the development, with a full planning policy review.

Depending on the level of service requested, where possible our Appraisals provide a strategy recommendation to maximise prospects of success, as well as a summary of requirements for a planning application submission.

Decision Review

If you have applied for planning permission and received a refusal notice, we can undertake a review of the Council’s justification for its refusal reasons.

Depending on the Council’s justifications, the Review would recommend whether a re-submission of the application with amendments to address the refusal reason/s would be most appropriate, or whether consideration should be given to a Planning Appeal.

Pre-Application Submission

Often with developments involving new housing and commercial schemes of significant scale, a pre-application submission to the Council is recommended to seek their views on the acceptability of the proposal and requirements for information to support an application submission, such as ecological surveys for example.

In many Councils will choose not to negotiate with applicants in a planning application submission unless pre-application advice has been previously sought.

If you want further advice on the above, including whether these services would be appropriate for your proposal, get in touch with us on 01344 508048 to discuss the next steps.

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