Viability Assessment for Hampton home saves client £20K


Viability Assessment for Hampton home saves client £20K

A Hampton homeowner has been saved £20,000 after ET Planning successfully won a viability case on behalf of their client.

The homeowners were seeking planning permission to sub-divide their three-bedroom house into 2 x one-bedroom flats for their two daughters.

But the development had been hindered after the Local Authority had issued a £20,000 bill relating to affordable housing.

ET Planning conducted a viability assessment which proved that this bill was unreasonable and that in this case the value of the two apartments was actually less than the value of the current three-bedroom end of terrace dwelling.

The viability assessment demonstrated that the development wasn’t about making a property investment profit, but more about a couple providing independent homes for their two daughters.

As part of the planning application ET Planning also explained why this development was acceptable in light of the statements mades within The National Design Guide which support the development. The National Design Guide clarifies that “well- designed neighbourhoods need to include an integrated mix of tenures and housing types that reflect local housing need and market demand. They are designed to be inclusive and to meet the changing needs of people of different ages and abilities.

The Council agreed with ET Planning’s findings and approved the planning application with no costs involved for affordable housing – a fantastic result for their client.


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