Upward extension in London, increases floor space and provides Yoga Centre


Upward extension in London, increases floor space and provides Yoga Centre

Architectural drawing by Fletcher Crane Architects

A campus of buildings in central London has been granted a change of use and given the green light by Southwark Council to extend upwards; making best use of floor space and maximising the value of the commercial property.

Thanks to a partnership between ET Planning and award-winning Fletcher Crane Architects, the Borough High Street buildings now have planning permission for a second and third story upwards extension as well as a new fire escape to the rear courtyard.

During the day the wider campus of office accommodation will have use of modern and state of the art wellbeing facilities, whilst outside of normal office hours these facilities will be made available to the wider community through as a specialist yoga centre.

Director Ben Temple said: “It has been great to work alongside Fletcher Crane Architects to help take this project forward towards realising the potential of the site.

“In central London in particular, upwards extensions are a great way of making best use of the land available, and in this instance the change of use will allow the building to offer a variety of functions and facilities which will benefit the local community and provide an efficient land use.”

The change of use to mixed B1a and D2 (office and leisure) was in keeping with the local Core Strategy which intends for the Borough area to become home to a mix of uses and provide services to meet the local needs. In addition, the Strategy encourages places for enjoyment and supports facilities promoting healthy lifestyles and activity.

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