Training & CPD


Training & CPD

ET Planning is proud to be able to offer small group training or CPD sessions hosted at the ET Planning offices at 200 Dukes Ride, Crowthorne, RG45 6DS.

The ‘Introduction to Planning Appraisals’ training will cover an introduction to:

  • How to define a potential development site;
  • Identifying statutory constraints (Flood/Listed Buildings/AONB etc.);
  • How to identify local planning policy constraints and limitations;
  • An explanation on what different statutory or policy constraints might mean;
  • Using this information to narrowing down your development proposal options;
  • The importance of defining your development niche;
  • Time for Questions and Answers;

The training is intended to be an ‘introduction to the process’ of appraising a site for planning purposes. The training has been designed to help developers and land owners, as well as those that are considering investing in property, to understand some of the complexities of the planning system and how they might plan to recognise and avoid some common problems, as well as identify and recognise opportunities.

We also offer CPD training in CIL for other professionals who wish to understand more about the complexities of the CIL Regulations, and appeals training for planners who are yet to experience being an Expert Witness for Public Inquiry Appeals.

DISCLAIMER: Delivering detailed planning appraisals is a profession, and requires expert judgement and intuition that takes years of professional  planning experience to be able to deliver. The Introduction to Planning Appraisals training is not intended to be an instructional tutorial on how to deliver professional planning appraisals, and cannot replicate the years of experience of a qualified planning professional.

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