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James Gellini

James Gellini

Contract Principal Planner

James joined the ET Planning team in June 2021 as a Principal Planner and is based out of the new Southwest office.

Being based in Exeter in the Southwest, James can support local architects, developers, and investors with their planning needs.

With a background in both in local authority and at a national planning consultancy James has experience of a range of planning projects including residential, commercial and heritage.

A few highlights of his career including working as the heritage champion at Chichester District Council, leading more than 60 telecommunications planning projects during his time at a private planning consultancy and working with Portsmouth City Council on the restoration project for the naval base. This particular heritage planning project saw an old, disused building restored and brought back to full use; now offering office space, a gym and a recruitment centre for the Royal Navy.

Now as a Contract Principal Planner for ET Planning, James provides expert support to his clients by preparing planning applications, preparing site appraisals and pre-application statements. James will oversee the whole planning process on behalf of the client – from beginning to end.

Outside of work, James is very much into sports with a particular interest in Korfball – a sport with similarities to Netball and Basketball. James plays this regularly and has even previously played for the Farnborough Jets. And when James isn’t playing Korfball you’ll most likely find him at home with his dog Obi planning his next travelling adventures.

James is keen to grow his network within the Southwest area. If you’re a local architect, developer, investor, or someone looking to realise their planning vision in this area, please do get in touch

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