Navigating the Changing Landscape of Short-Term Lets Regulation in the UK

Short term let rules

The UK government has recently proposed new planning changes to short-term lets to protect communities and ensure the availability of homes. Primarily, the new rules would limit the total number of days that properties in certain areas could be rented as short-term lets. This shift marks a turning point in the UK property rental sector, […]

Maximising the Future High Streets Fund: A Comprehensive Strategy for Your Town Centre

future high streets fund

Unlocking the Potential of your Town Centre with the Future High Streets Fund. The continual evolution of shopping habits and consumer expectations is reshaping our town centres. People are increasingly demanding diverse experiences – from bustling marketplaces to innovative retail concepts. Fortunately, the Future High Streets Fund provides local councils with a golden opportunity to […]

ET Planning Secure Planning Permission for Electric Car Charging Points across the UK

Electric car charging points

In recent years, there has been a surge in the purchase and sale of electric cars across the United Kingdom. With the UK government actively encouraging the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) as part of its commitment to reducing carbon emissions, the need for an accessible and reliable charging infrastructure has become paramount. This has […]

Successful Planning Appeal for existing extension in Kingston

Kingston Surrey

A recent case at 66 Kings Road, Kingston, exemplifies how effective ET Planning can overturn a refusal, even in complex circumstances involving retrospective applications. The Challenge Retrospective Application: The project was already completed, making it a retrospective planning application. This added a layer of complexity as it shifted the discussion from potential impacts to actual […]

An Approved Sequential Test Following Recent Legislation (PPG)

ET Planning recently achieved a remarkable victory in which planning permission was granted for a unique project at Stable View Business Park, Hewish, Weston-Super-Mare. Application 23/P/0439/FUL was approved for 15 touring caravans and a holiday cottage, in which the submitted sequential test was deemed to be acceptable. The Proposal Located within Flood Zone 3, the […]