Successful viability case for Sonning Conservation Area development


Successful viability case for Sonning Conservation Area development

A development proposal within the Sonning Conservation Area, has recently been approved, along with achieving a successful outcome for a viability case which was made in order to avoid an affordable housing contribution.

The proposal for two detached four-bedroom properties was considered by Wokingham Borough Council in conjunction with a neighbouring site under the same ownership, which had already received planning permission for five properties. This total of seven dwellings across the two sites triggered the need for affordable housing. However, as part of the second site’s planning application, ET Planning worked with Intelligent Land to produce an affordable housing viability case that supported the development proposal without affordable housing.

ET Planning demonstrated that the development not only provides high quality family sized dwellings but that they also fall in line with the overarching aims of the NPPF.

As the development is situated within a conservation area, plans were designed by Martin Butler Partnership Ltd to preserve and enhance the character of the Conservation Area. The plans were also sensitive to the significant amount of protected trees on the site and introduced additional landscaping to soften the appearance of the properties and provide a green visual buffer to the development when viewed from the conservation Area.

The plans for two detached houses will replace the current detached two-storey dwelling once it has been demolished. The properties will have a ‘barn style’ appearance making use of brick and timber weatherboarding.



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