Planning Advice

Planning Advice

Planning Advice Home / Services / Planning Advice Site Appraisal Services Prior to making the commitment to prepare and submit a planning application we recommend our Planning Appraisal service. These Appraisals are designed to cater both for members of the public with no previous exposure to Planning as well as experienced developers. Our Appraisals can […]

Sequential Tests

Sequential Tests Home / Services / Sequential Tests Flooding, Retail, and Commercial Sequential Tests The Sequential Test plays a critical role in the planning and development process in England. As a planning and development consultancy, ET Planning understands the Sequential Test is key to ensuring sustainable and compliant developments. This article aims to provide: A […]

Land Promotion

Land Promotion Home / Services / Land Promotion We help navigate house builders, developers, institutions and private individuals through the often complex land promotion process, providing tailored advice depending on your prior experience of the plan making system. For those individuals less familiar with the process, developing large sites (referred to as Major or Strategic […]

Viability Assessment

Viability Assessment Home / Services / Viability Assessment What is an Affordable Housing Viability Assessment? An affordable housing viability assessment is an appraisal of the costs, values and profitability anticipated with delivering a proposed development. One is normally carried out for the purpose of providing a Local Planning Authority with an opinion on the viable […]

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Home / Services / CIL What is the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)? The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a crucial aspect of development projects. Although the government are talking about combining this into a new Infrastructure Levy (IL), that is a long way off so we’re likely to be dealing with […]

Planning Enforcement

Planning Enforcement Home / Services / Planning Enforcement   Receiving an Enforcement Notice or a Planning Contravention Notice (PCN) can be very scary. This happens when the Council believes that building operations or the use of land has taken place without the correct planning permission in place. Because of this, they then tell you it […]

Planning Applications

Planning Applications Home / Services / Planning Applications We can prepare and co-ordinate the submission of planning applications and can act as planning agent when negotiating with the Local Planning Authority. Making particular use of the experience of our staff who have previously worked in Local Authority, we can guide you through the whole process for developments […]


Planning Appeals Home / Services / Appeals Appeal Process A refusal of planning permission by a Local Planning Authority is not the end of the road for your proposal. Whilst sometimes a revised application submission can be the preferable route, oftentimes an appeal, made to the independent Planning Inspectorate, is the best route forward to […]