Planning Success for Apartment Scheme near Beaconsfield Station


Planning Success for Apartment Scheme near Beaconsfield Station

ET Planning’s recent planning application on behalf of Shanly Homes, a sustainable residential development near Beaconsfield station, approved by Buckinghamshire Council.

A Win For Sustainability

The redevelopment of the site for 33 apartments was proposed by Shanly Homes. ET Planning prepared the planning application and successfully negotiated with the Council on a number of matters, ensuring that a conditional approval was received from Buckinghamshire Council. The design concept focused on creating a convenient and vibrant living space for locals and new residents, all within a 5-minute walk from Beaconsfield train station.

Adapting to Locality

The proposed design underwent revisions as ET Planning sought to negotiate with the Council over the design, bulk and massing of the scheme, as well as the appropriate level of parking.  The scale of the development was adjusted to align with Council feedback, whilst also ensuring that the site was used most effectively.


Living the London Dream

This proposed accommodation will open the doors for new residents in a borough which is heavily constrained by the Green Belt. The close proximity to Beaconsfield station makes it an ideal location for commuters, offering a 30-minute commute to London for future residents.


Why Choose ET Planning?

ET Planning provides end-to-end support, assisting with the formulation of a scheme right the way through to the determination of a planning application, ensuring smooth and efficient outcomes for applicants

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Source: Image courtesy of Shanly Homes 


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