Outstanding replacement family home with Thames river view


Outstanding replacement family home with Thames river view

Design by Fletcher Crane Architects

Building work can now commence at a dormant site in Bisham, Marlow; transforming the existing property into a modern haven, thanks to the persistence of planners at ET Planning and an outstanding architectural design by Fletcher Crane Architects.

Design by Fletcher Crane Architects

On the face of it this planning project seemed impossible; the site is situated within a Green Belt, a Conservation Area, a flood risk zone, and is surrounded by listed buildings and protected trees.

Existing dwelling which had been empty for 20 years

But the team here at ET Planning love a challenge. And with the existing property having been empty for 20 years, a replacement dwelling was the perfect way to create a new family home, and breathe life back into this site.

The journey to planning consent hasn’t been easy but the ET Planning team have persevered, working alongside specialist architects Fletcher Crane and negotiating with Council Planning Officers as part of a pre-application process in order to receive a positive result for their client.

The new development will replace an existing three-bedroom house and outbuildings and see the construction of a new four-bedroom family home with an integrated double garage, and boathouse.

The property will be split into three parts, mostly single storey. There will be modest two storey elements with lowered eaves to the western side of the dwelling. The house will be arranged around a courtyard and water feature, with a single storey covered walkway linking the three elements of the house and the garage.

Alongside this will be a new boathouse situated down by the river; the perfect place to take in the beautiful views over the River Thames.

As part of the application process, ET Planning detailed the very special circumstances of this build, alongside demonstrating that the proposed plans were of a similar size to the existing property. This development was therefore in keeping with Paragraph 143 of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) which sets out that inappropriate development is, by definition, harmful to the Green Belt and should not be approved except in very special circumstances. 

ET Planning also reviewed the character of the surrounding area and the impact that this new build may have on it.

Another win for the client was that this replacement dwelling will not be liable for the Community Infrastructure Levy tax (CIL) as it is classed as a self build.

This site has now been given the green light and demolition works on the existing property will soon commence, ready to make way for a beautiful new home.

ET Planning are experienced planners and work hard to see positive results for their clients, even when the vision may seem impossible. If you would like to discuss the planning potential for your property please contact us to discuss further.


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