Nutrient Neutrality Unblocked by Brexit


Nutrient Neutrality Unblocked by Brexit
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Nutrient Neutrality to be Unblocked by Brexit: A New Hope for Future New Homes

In what could soon be hailed as “The Brexit Strikes Back,” the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC) has announced prospective reforms. These changes are poised to fast-track the construction of over 100,000 new homes by amending current EU-derived nutrient neutrality laws.

What this means for our clients

  1. Nutrient Neutrality Rules to be Lifted: Say goodbye to the dark side of future planning applications. The proposed removal of these rules could allow for quicker, more flexible solutions to nutrient pollution.
  2. Nutrient Mitigation Scheme (NMS): Think of this as your future lightsaber against red tape. The proposed scheme could lead to cost savings and expedited projects once enacted.
  3. Collaboration with Home Builders Federation: The Force could be strong with this one. Larger developers may benefit from fair contributions to environmental schemes.
  4. Environmental Commitments: Water companies are expected to invest in wastewater treatment by 2030, aligning with the ethos of sustainable development.

Caveat of Caution

These changes are still proposals and need to be enacted into law. The NMS also needs to be properly set up before impacting actual proposals.

Prepare now to seize these opportunities as soon as the new laws are enacted. Contact ET Planning for tailored advice on future-proofing your projects.

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