New sports pavilion for Bracknell School


New sports pavilion for Bracknell School

An application to provide enhanced sporting facilities for Ranelagh School has been approved to Bracknell Forest Council. The proposed pavilion will accommodate teaching space, changing and first aid facilities, an equipment store and canteen dining space.

The existing sports field in Larges Lane, Bracknell, is divorced from the Ranelagh School buildings, making PE lessons more arduous without such facilities close to where sports are being played. The pavilion will provide a welcome enhancement to the school’s sport curriculum without reducing existing pitch play space.

The pavilion will also facilitate school sport matches and serve youth training of Bracknell Town Football Club, and is served by a new access and parking.

The application was approved under delegated powers by the Council.

If you have a sports or education proposal please contact the ET Planning team for assistance.

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