New Planning Bill forecasts changes of the planning system


New Planning Bill forecasts changes of the planning system

The centrepiece of the recent Queen’s speech was a new Planning Bill which promises to shake-up the current planning system.

The government said that this new Planning Bill will create a “simpler, faster and more modern planning system”, that can ensure “homes and infrastructure can be delivered more quickly across England”.

Here are the four key changes we can expect to see introduced to the planning system from Autumn this year when the Bill intends to be passed.

Speeding up the Planning process

One of the key parts of the new Bill is to speed up the time it takes for developments to move through the planning system. Zones will be designated for ‘Growth’, ‘Protection’ and ‘Renewal’. ‘Growth’ zones will be give automatic permission for new developments for homes, hospitals, schools, shops and offices; enabling building to start earlier.

Local Plans

The new legislation aims to adapt local plans so that they provide more certainty over the type and design of development permitted. This will ensure that locally-led development corporations have access to support for growth and generation. 

Moving into the digital age

The current document-based planning system will be pushed aside for a new digital and map-based service allowing not only the process to be more streamlined but it will also encourage more residents to engage in the development proposals within their local area.

New frameworks for funding infrastructure

The government says it will replace the ways developers fund affordable housing and infrastructure – such as the community infrastructure levy – “with a new, more predictable and more transparent levy”.

This would replace the current Section 106 system and effectively be replaced by a new infrastructure levy.

The Planning Bill is intended to be passed in the Autumn. We will keep you updated as new changes are introduced and what these impacts mean for our clients.

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