Maximising the Future High Streets Fund: A Comprehensive Strategy for Your Town Centre


Maximising the Future High Streets Fund: A Comprehensive Strategy for Your Town Centre

Unlocking the Potential of your Town Centre with the Future High Streets Fund.

The continual evolution of shopping habits and consumer expectations is reshaping our town centres. People are increasingly demanding diverse experiences – from bustling marketplaces to innovative retail concepts. Fortunately, the Future High Streets Fund provides local councils with a golden opportunity to revitalise their town centres and transform them into vibrant, future-proof hubs.

As experts in planning and development at ET Planning, we understand the opportunities this initiative can offer. Lets delve into how the fund can help your town centre.

The Future High Streets Fund: A Catalyst for Change

Created by the UK Government, the Future High Streets Fund is designed to enable the renewing and reshaping of town centres and high streets. It encourages innovative rethinking of our town centres and provides the financial support necessary for transformations. Here’s what the fund could target in your area:

  • Infrastructure improvements: Enhancements to infrastructure, such as improved parking facilities and better pedestrian access, can significantly boost the appeal of a town centre.
  • Conversion of underused retail units: Repurposing the underutilised retail spaces can offer a diverse range of services or experience-oriented businesses.
  • Enhancement of public realm spaces: Communal spaces that foster social interactions and host multiple activities can create a lively town centre atmosphere.
  • Encouraging sustainable transport: Promoting use of public and green transportation methods plays a crucial role in sustainable townscape development

Strategic Planning: A Key Aspect to Maximising the Future High Streets Fund

Successfully utilising the Future High Streets Fund requires thorough research, robust strategic planning, and expert consultation. ET Planning can provide robust strategies and  guidance.

We work closely with Town and Parish Councils, understanding their specific requirements and aligning them with potential opportunities under the Future High Streets Fund. Our extensive knowledge of local plans allows us to tailor strategies that perfectly match the objectives of your Town or Parish.

Contact ET Planning to Shape the Future of Your Town Centre

If you’re looking for expert advice on leveraging the Future High Streets Fund, we’re here to help.

Contact us at ET Planning to book a free 15 minute consultation on MS Teams quoting “Future High Streets Fund” by 14th March 2024. Let’s revitalise our town centres and create vibrant, community-focused hubs for future generations.


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