Listed building in Newbury Town Centre restored for long-term use


Listed building in Newbury Town Centre restored for long-term use

A three-storey locally listed building in the Conservation Area of Newbury Town Centre, will now undergo renovations after Change of Use plans were granted last month by West Berkshire Council. The detailed plans, prepared by Carrington Stevens Design Consultants, will see the change of use of the first and second floor of the building from Class A3 (restaurant) to Class C3 use (residential), to offer a total of three new apartments. The existing basement will be reused for ancillary storage to the restaurant, and residential cycle storage.

The building, which used to be home to a popular highstreet chain restaurant, will undergo both internal and external renovation works but these will be completed sympathetically and in keeping with the historic and architectural character of the building, and of the appearance of the local conservation area.

ET planning promoted the development due to it’s sustainable nature; facilitating the efficient use of a brownfield site whilst also helping to address the supply of housing in a popular area which could bring with it social and economic benefits. ET Planning demonstrated through the proposal, and in response to the Council’s initial transport objection, that although there would be a shortfall in one off-road parking space, this would not result in sufficient harm to warrant a refusal. ET Planning highlighted that cycle storage would be provided, along with the added benefit of the development’s location being situated near to a number of public transport links including the train station.

West Berkshire Council have now granted this change of use, allowing a historic building to be restored and used to its full potential.

Update October 2019:

In July 2018 the change of use of the first and second floor of a historic building in Newbury Town Centre was agreed. This allowed for the development of three residential flats whilst retaining the ground floor commercial unit.

A year on, the commercial unit had remained vacant and so a further planning application was submitted by ET Planning requesting the change of use of the ground floor from Class A3 to Class C3.

Once again, ET Planning has achieved a successful result for their client allowing a further three residential flats to be built within the premises; helping to restore this building to full use.

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