The Winning Strategy: How ET Planning Secured Planning Permission for 9 Dwellings in Waverley


The Winning Strategy: How ET Planning Secured Planning Permission for 9 Dwellings in Waverley

Overcoming planning permission challenges demands a blend of knowledge, creativity, and determination. This is where the ET Planning team comes into the picture, earning a reputation for its ability to solve complex planning problems in London and Surrey. To illustrate, learn about how our team successfully championed a client’s appeal for a major development project in Waverley, Surrey.

Understanding the Challenge

The client needed approval for building nine new dwellings at Vintners, Guildford Road, Alford – a location outside the existing settlement boundary. The Waverley Borough Council, however, was concerned about potential harm to the countryside’s intrinsic character and beauty.

Solutions from ET Planning

Understanding the council’s concern, our team recommended the client to undertake a Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA). 

LVIA is a systematic process used in the UK to evaluate the potential impact a development could have on the landscape’s visual integrity. It not only identifies risks but also suggests mitigation strategies.

A Positive Outcome: Permission Secured

Our approach worked. The Inspector agreed with our presentation and concluded that the project would not significantly impact the countryside’s character. This led to the winning of the appeal and permission for the development was granted. The approved scheme now promises to add eight new dwellings, optimising land use and contributing to housing supply in Waverley. 

The ET Planning Advantage

ET Planning’s strategic approach, coupled with our extensive knowledge of UK planning laws and regulations, made the difference. Our personable service and tailored advice helped our client transform a challenging situation into a positive outcome.


Looking Forward

Planning, like life, is full of challenges. Yet for every challenge, there’s a strategy waiting to overcome it. If you face a planning hurdle, it doesn’t denote an end but a path that needs the right expertise to navigate. That’s where we step in.

Learn more about how our team at ET Planning can provide expert advice and support for your planning applications. Contact us today to find out how we can help you realise your development dreams, just like we did in Waverley.

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