Developing a ‘Paragraph 79 Grand Design’ dwelling


Developing a ‘Paragraph 79 Grand Design’ dwelling

Offering a rare opportunity to develop a house in a countryside location, National Planning Policy Framework Paragraph 79 provides for the construction of  “Exceptional and innovative houses in open countryside”.  Working with Fletcher-Crane Architects ( our proposal was presented to the Design South East architecture review panel for a new part-subterranean dwelling within the Borough of Waverley, Surrey.

The review was incredibly valuable to our ongoing design work for the proposal, in order to achieve the high status of Paragraph 79.  This is because to achieve the “Exceptional” part of Para 79 the boundaries of architectural design must be pushed, to create a bespoke property that would not be permitted under normal planning policy situations.

If you’d like more information about the proposal, or how to progress such an exceptional development yourself, please do get in touch.

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