CIL Phasing saves developer £150,000


CIL Phasing saves developer £150,000

A recent application to phase a development of two new dwellings in Ascot has succeeded, saving the developer £150,000 of Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) fees.


The development was originally approved for two dwellings, replacing a single, existing property. However, following permission ET Planning advised the developer further savings could be made by introducing a phasing plan and allocating one of the two plots as a self-build, thus rendering the development more profitable.


A Section 73 Variation application secured the phasing plan, allocating all the discounted existing property floorspace to Plot 1, being the market housing plot. Plot 2 was then secured as a self-build to receive a CIL charge exemption. Thus the final CIL charge was limited to just the floorspace uplift on Plot 1.

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