CIL Commencement Dates


CIL Commencement Dates


In this video, ET Planning Director Ben Temple explores what triggers a CIL commencement date and what that means for developments.

CIL commencement dates are triggered when any activity described on the description of development on a planning permission is started. Commencing a development, triggers the requirement to pay the CIL liability. If an exemption or phased payment plan hasn’t been agreed before the commencement date, the CIL liability must be paid in full, and is immediately due.

It’s therefore important to ensure all the relevant CIL forms have been completed and submitted to the CIL Charging Authority (normally the Council), and any CIL Exemptions (such as self build or charitable relief) and Assumption of Liability Forms have been sent in and acknowledgements received. Failing to get this done can mean surcharges are incurred, of unto £2,500 or 20% of the total CIL liability for each mistake.

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