Change of use approval provides new homes in desirable Surrey village


Change of use approval provides new homes in desirable Surrey village

Office building in Ripley. Photo credit to Vail Williams Estate Agent

A recent planning approval for a change of use which will see an office space converted into four new residential properties in Ripley takes ‘working from home’ to a new level.

The conversion was agreed by prior approval and will now allow an office space situated in a prime location to be converted into one x 3 bedroom property, two x 2 bedroom properties and a one bedroom apartment.

This Surrey village is located near Guildford and Woking, and has great access into London, which means this development is an answer to the demand for new residential properties in the area.

As part of this Prior Approval application for change of use ET Planning was able to ease the local resident’s concerns over two key aspects; the impact of increased traffic on the highways due to the development and the impact of noise from neighbouring commercial premises on the intended occupiers of the site.

As part of the proposal ET Planning acknowledged that the Local Planning Authority’s parking standards required six parking spaces to be provided for the new development. The proposal in fact included eight; comfortably exceeding the demand. The proposal also acknowledged that the development was likely to reduce the demand of access to the site as it is expected that there would be fewer visitors to the properties than when the site was an office space. This in turn will increase the safety of drivers accessing the site and on the adjacent road.

The second concern from local residents was regarding the impact of noise from neighbouring commercial properties on the new occupiers. The change of use notice agrees to property sound insulation to ensure that the impact from noise is addressed.

This new development will allow new residents to be welcomed to the area, making best use of the building already in situ.

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