Understanding The Latest Government Updates on Children’s Homes & Planning

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Understanding The Latest Government Updates on Children’s Homes & Planning

Accessing Expert Advice On Children’s Home Planning Updates

Are you privy to the latest updates from the Government regarding the essential relationship between planning and children’s homes? It’s important to stay current as these updates could impact any planning considerations in this sector. ET Planning brings you a comprehensive breakdown of the vital information.

Government’s Stance On Planning and Children’s Homes

The Government maintains that the planning system should never become a hindrance when providing safe homes for society’s most vulnerable children. They firmly believe that when care is deemed the best option for a youngster, the care system must provide stable, affectionate homes within the child’s communities. The statement provides further guidance on the interpretation of NPPF Paragraph 62 which required local planning authorities to consider the housing needs of different groups. This is a material consideration in planning applications.

These homes need to be the right fit, situated in the correct areas with convenience to excellent schools and community support.

Role of the Local Planning Authorities

Local planning authorities have the responsibility to down weight and support applications, where deemed suitable, for all types of accommodation for looked after children. These applications should reflect local needs, and all parties involved in the development process are expected to cooperate closely. The common goal here is to ensure the timely delivery of such crucial accommodation for children nationwide.

Planning Permissions and Certain Exceptions

Notably, not all cases of developing children’s homes will necessitate planning permission. This is particularly true for changes of usage from dwelling houses in Class C3 of the Use Classes Order 1987 where the children’s home continues to be within Class C3 or there isn’t a material change of use to Class C2.

An application can be lodged with the local planning authority for a lawful development certificate. This process is to establish whether, based on the case facts, the specific usage is or would be lawful. Should a certificate be issued, a planning application won’t be necessary for the matters specified in the certificate. In summary, the ministerial statement provides further interpretation of national policy to the benefit the delivery of children’s homes

To delve further into the latest governmental updates on planning and children’s homes or to get expert advice tailored to your particular case, contact David Wetherill David.Wetherill@etplanning.co.uk or Gareth Jones Gareth.Jones@etplanning.co.uk to assist you with the process. Stay informed and ensure you’re making the right planning decisions with the help of our team of professionals.


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