Successful appeal result for family home extension in Maidenhead

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Successful appeal result for family home extension in Maidenhead

A Maidenhead family home will now be able to build a two-storey rear extension after plans were approved through the appeal process.

The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead Council refused an application for a two-storey rear extension on the detached house in Autumn 2017, despite similar proposals on the same street being approved.

At the time, the Council was concerned that the proposed rear extension would be very large in scale and would be out of proportion with the original house.

Using the appeals process ET Planning worked with Artichoke Architectural Consultancy to demonstrate to the Council that the proposed extension was comparable to those approved for an adjacent house and other properties on the same street.

ET Planning was also able to demonstrate that the proposal was not an overdevelopment of the plot and that the property was still in keeping with the character of the street, particularly as there were a number of other properties which have been extended to the rear and to the side. ET Planning also encouraged the inspector to walk the length of the street on both sides in order to obtain a true feel for the character of the site and comparison with other properties.

The appeal was processed by the written representation procedure and the inspector concluded, “I find that the rear extension would have no adverse effect on the character and appearance of the property or street scene and would accord with the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead Local Plan policy”.

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