Seven new homes granted lawfulness in Wokingham’s countryside

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Seven new homes granted lawfulness in Wokingham’s countryside

Seven residential dwellings in Wokingham are now regularised and lawful thanks to the advice and action of ET Planning.

In 2009/2010 the dwellings were converted from an old stable block and then rented out to tenants. Being able to provide evidence of continued residential use for more than four years was the key to acquiring the certificates of lawfulness for each dwelling.

Planning law states that you are immune from enforcement action after four years has lapsed since the development change of use to residential took place. The evidence provided in this case included tenancy agreements and statutory declarations made by the land owner, site workers and neighbours, proving that the site had been used for continued residential purposes for more than four years.

Each dwelling has now been provided with a certificate of lawfulness from Wokingham Borough Council.

It is really important to regularise developments with formal certificates of lawfulness from the Council. These certificates ensure stability of the accommodation for the future, particularly future property sales. If you would like advice on what is needed to obtain lawfulness, please contact the ET Planning team.

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