Rare new home approved in Wokingham countryside

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Rare new home approved in Wokingham countryside

A proposal for a building conversion which will offer a new home in an area which is notoriously difficult to get planning permission has been approved, thanks to the team at ET Planning.

A large plot in the Wokingham Countryside, currently consisting of one main property and a large detached outbuilding was put forward to Wokingham Borough Council to be split into two separate residential sites. The separate outbuilding has been adapted lawfully over a number of years and is currently a residential annexe.

Both buildings are accessed via a gated entrance. Beyond that the buildings sit either side of the entrance. This separation combined with the plot size, offered a great opportunity to create a second dwelling in a sought after area of Wokingham.

ET Planning worked with Tony Day Architects to draw up plans before the proposal was presented to the Council.

As part of this application ET Planning noted that the conversion of the existing annexe did not strictly follow the criteria of Development Plan policy CP11, however, both ET Planning and the Council agreed that this conversion had a similar effect on the environment and surrounding area to how the site is currently being used as an annexe. This included a comparison with current traffic movements on the site, the character and appearance of the building and available parking provision.

ET Planning were able to successfully demonstrate that there was not a harmful reason to refuse this proposal, and so the Council approved the application under delegated powers.

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