Preserving Margate’s Heritage: ET Planning’s Expertise in Margate Cemetery’s Project

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Preserving Margate’s Heritage: ET Planning’s Expertise in Margate Cemetery’s Project

The Margate Cemetery Project: Regeneration of Heritage building

Heritage projects require a delicate balance between preserving the past and adapting for the future. When ET Planning was tasked with the planning application for Margate Cemetery, Margate’s historic Victorian cemetery, their knowledge and experience in such projects was vital in ensuring a successful outcome.

Understanding the Project: Connecting Two Listed Buildings

The project at Margate Cemetery involved building a structure that connects two existing buildings within the site to create an office development. The existing buildings are listed, meaning they possess significant historical and architectural value, and their preservation was essential during the renovation process.

ET Planning’s Comprehensive Approach

To guarantee a successful planning application, ET Planning took several crucial steps – from conducting a Pre-application submission with the Council to instructed a qualified Heritage consultant to feed into the design approach and complement the history of the original buildings .

The Pre-application Process

ET Planning conducted a thorough Pre-application process for the Margate Cemetery project, ensuring a transparent dialogue with the council and addressing any potential concerns. The Pre-application process allowed the client to gain early feedback on their proposal from the Local Planning Authority and understand the detailed requirements for this sensitive project at application stage.

Sequential Test: A Key Element for Heritage Developments

When it comes to commercial projects, Sequential Tests are vital. These tests ensure that the development proposal is the most appropriate location by assessing alternative sites in a sequential order based on their potential heritage impact. In this case, the propsoed office development supported and expanded an existing business already based at the Cemetery so ET Planning were able to evidence through the completion and submission of a Sequential Test that the development site was the most appropriate location for the proposal. 

Crafting a Comprehensive Planning Statement

In addition to the Pre-application submission and Sequential Test preparation, ET Planning provided a planning statement that focused on the key aspects of the project. This statement detailed the proposal’s benefits, such as the economic and heritage benefits of the development over the existing situation.

Successful Planning Application Outcome

As a result of ET Planning’s thorough preparation and engagement with Heritage professionals, Margate Cemetery’s planning application gained approval on first submission. The project achieved the client’s objectives while maintaining the historical integrity of the site.

Trust ET Planning for Your Heritage Project

When it comes to balancing heritage preservation and development, please contact ET Planning to help you navigate the planning process. With their wealth of experience, your development will be in safe hands.

Don’t leave your heritage project to chance. Contact ET Planning today for professional advice and support to ensure a positive outcome for your listed building development.

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