Mobile home saved for elderly occupant thanks to lawful permissions

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Mobile home saved for elderly occupant thanks to lawful permissions

A 6-acre site in an area of designated countryside within the Wokingham Borough Council boundary has received retrospective change of use permission so that an elderly occupant can remain in their mobile home.

The site is mainly used for commercial purposes but does have one residential building. This application sought to provide the appropriate planning permissions so that an independent living solution could be secured for an occupant of a caravan who has lived on the site for many years.

As the occupant had been residing in a caravan on the site for more than 10 years, this was an application for retrospective permission and thanks to ET Planning, the elderly occupant can relax knowing that their home and living situation is now lawful.

It was noted in the application that the caravan mentioned in this application is located centrally within the application site, which is largely bordered by trees and whilst this site is used mainly for commercial purposes the surrounding area is largely for agricultural use.

Upon approving the planning permission the Council did make a special condition which was that the mobile home where the occupant current resides is only lawful while he remains living there. The use shall therefore cease if the resident does not permanently occupy the mobile home.

ET Planning were pleased to be able to tell their clients that they had secured for them the change of use of the site from agriculture to agricultural use and for the purpose of siting and using a mobile home for human habitation. This permission means a lot to the clients and allows them to remain in their home, in the surroundings they love.

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