Distinctive self-build home in Crowthorne is given green light

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Distinctive self-build home in Crowthorne is given green light

Modular family home in Crowthorne

Plans for a contemporary self-build family home within the Crowthorne settlement boundary have been approved under delegated powers by Wokingham Borough Council.

As part of the submitted planning statement ET Planning were careful to demonstrate that although contemporary in it’s design, the approach for this new home was not inappropriate for the area as there isn’t a strong degree of uniformity amongst the nearby houses.

The council agreed that the rectangular modular design creates distinctive sections which helps to break down the overall mass of the building.

The plans, designed by Farrell Design Studio, will also make use of a vacant piece of land perfect for residential use and include a new detached dwelling, a detached garage and store room. The house itself will be sustainable in it’s nature and uses complementary materials to the area – white render similar to nearby houses and timber cladding to reflect the landscape.

The design maximises natural light with full height windows and a southern orientation and also showcases four floors of modern living; the basement level will include leisure and utility facilities, the ground floor will accommodate a family living space whilst the bedrooms will be found on the first floor. The final floor will accommodate a luxurious master suite.

Core factors that helped secure the planning permission for this unique self-build, high quality family home are that the plans are in line with the overarching aims of the National Planning Policy Framework and local Core Strategy Policy CP9.

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