6 new dwellings in Bracknell Forest Green Belt

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6 new dwellings in Bracknell Forest Green Belt

A planning committee held by video call has approved the change of use of an existing barn to 6 new dwellings, situated in the Bracknell Forest Green Belt. 

The site had prior approval for conversion to 5 dwellings but, to make use of the double height ceilings that the existing barn allowed for, there was a new ambition for 6 dwellings to occupy the same space. Seeking to utilise this ceiling height as useable floorspace, and to construct all units at the same time, a new application was proposed to Bracknell Forest Council. 

The application focused on there being no need to extend the size of the development from the size of the existing barn – a significant aspect of the proposal which was put forward by ET Planning.

A proposal that did not increase the development area was of particular importance as the site lies within the Bracknell Forest Green Belt. Development within this space needs to be considered carefully in order to minimise the impact on the openness of the Green Belt – something which ET Planning were aware of when developing these plans alongside architects Land to Homes Ltd and their client. 

The amount of dwellings that were built within the space of the existing barn was not necessarily the concern, but more the impact of the size of the car pack and large gardens on the openness of the Green Belt. The new proposal included three parking spaces inside the building and remaining spaces situated adjacent to the building.

With the proposal making best use of the space available, whilst also minimising the impact on the Green Belt and local residents, it was supported by the Council’s committee. 

This case demonstrates the importance of working with council officers to determine areas of concern so that these can be worked through in the design stage, prior to an application being submitted.

ET Planning were also pleased to see that council’s are meeting virtually at this current time in order to keep a consistent flow of applications moving – showing that development and planning has far from slowed down. 

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