Approval recommended for Surrey Greenbelt Redevelopment Site


Approval recommended for Surrey Greenbelt Redevelopment Site

The redevelopment of a brownfield site in a greenbelt area of Surrey has been recommended for approval thanks to the extensive work of the team at ET Planning and the comprehensive drawings prepared by award-winning architects, Fletcher Crane Architects.

Phased Redevelopment of Greenbelt site

The site has been proposed to be redeveloped to include 11 small start-up/ commercial units and, three dwellings and some additional storage space. These developments will replace the existing stables and further outbuildings.

As part of the application, it was important to address certain constraints of the site including tree protection orders, existing retail use, presence of a locally listed building, ecology, public right of way, viability, development phasing, access limitations and the requirement for notable transport justification.

ET Planning were pleased to work with Motion Transport Consultants on this project to provide detailed reports with regards to traffic and transport.

Greenbelt Redevelopment is policy compliant

As part of this application, extensive liaison with council representatives was undertaken as part of a pre-application process to ensure that the scheme was one that would be given support.

Elmbridge Borough Council do not currently have a five-year housing land supply plan and as such, this proposal would offer a small but significant contribution adding two additional dwellings to the area.

ET Planning were conscious throughout the application phase to provide a policy compliant scheme which included affordable housing contributions as well as the opportunity for the right local businesses to operate from the site.

It was proposed as part of the application process that the commercial units should be conditionally controlled so that they would be limited to office and light industrial use and so that there was control over the amenities and traffic within the area.

This is due to the Class e use which covers a wide variety of commercial premises including supermarkets. This way, the site will remain as it was intended, to give small, local businesses new opportunities and to provide new affordable housing to the area.

Design of Proposed Scheme

As the proposed scheme was the redevelopment of a previously developed site it was critical that the design of the scheme was given much consideration.

Fletcher Crane Architects worked alongside ET Planning on this application to prepare drawings for this scheme, which were commended by many Council members. These designs enabled all parties involved to see the vision for the site and it enabled discussions around specific aspects of it which, in turn, helped to secure such a positive result from council committee members.

Approval for the Greenbelt Site

ET Planning have been on hand throughout the process to answer council members queries and this dedication to the project has seen a very positive result for both the client they represented and the Council themselves.

If you have a planning vision for site which is already developed or lies within a greenbelt area, and would like expert planning support, please do get in touch with the ET Planning team.

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