An Approved Sequential Test Following Recent Legislation (PPG)


An Approved Sequential Test Following Recent Legislation (PPG)

ET Planning recently achieved a remarkable victory in which planning permission was granted for a unique project at Stable View Business Park, Hewish, Weston-Super-Mare. Application 23/P/0439/FUL was approved for 15 touring caravans and a holiday cottage, in which the submitted sequential test was deemed to be acceptable.

The Proposal

Located within Flood Zone 3, the project faced significant hurdles due to its high-risk flood area designation. The Sequential Test, a crucial aspect of the planning application process, particularly post the PPG updates on 25th August 2023, has become increasingly stringent.


Sequential Tests

Understanding the complexities of the new legislation is key to obtaining a positive outcome. To achieve this ET Planning partnered with Geosmart, a leader in Flood Risk data analysis. This collaboration ensured a robust approach to the sequential and exception assessments, combining ET Planning’s expertise in crafting compelling planning arguments with Geosmart’s proficiency in flood risk assessments.


The Sequential Test conducted for this project was exhaustive, assessing over 400 sites across six different pieces of local planning authority documentation. The objective was to establish that no other suitable sites were available for the proposed development. This comprehensive approach underlined ET Planning’s commitment to thorough research and due diligence.

In addition to the Sequential Test, the project also successfully passed the Exception Test which was accompanied by a thorough Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) undertaken by Geosmart.

The Conclusion

Despite the stringent conditions set by the recent PPG updates, ET Planning and Geosmart’s combined efforts led to the successful approval. This success story not only highlights the importance of expertise in the field of town planning and development, but also underscores the value of collaboration between planning and flood risk specialists in ensuring a positive outcome is achieved.

This case demonstrates the critical need for professional guidance in navigating complex planning processes, particularly when dealing with challenging sites like those in Flood Zones. ET Planning’s experience and proficiency in handling Sequential Tests were instrumental in overcoming the hurdles presented by the new legislation.

For developers and landowners facing similar challenges, this case study serves as a beacon of hope and a guide. If you require assistance with sequential or exception tests, do not hesitate to contact Sam Peacock at 01483802188 or, a specialist in undertaking sequential tests at ET Planning.

For more information on how ET Planning can assist with your planning needs, please visit our website or reach out to our team of experts. We specialize in planning appeals, enforcement consulting, and CIL consultancy, offering tailored solutions to help you navigate the complexities of the planning system.

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